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All articles on HA Network you can get them for free. So a “like/share” for them is not too much. You will see the form that requires “like/share” to active as below:

reCaptcha form here

Just login you account on Twitter/Facebook/Google+ to complete this. If you dont have any account, just register ONE for free. For Twitter, at . For Facebook, at or Google+ at (or you can use Gmail to login to Google+). All of them are free.

HenArchive Network now uses reCAPTCHA to protect download links. After like us on Twitter/Facebook/Google+, you will see the following form of reCAPTCHA. Just complete it and it will show you the whole download links mirrors.

Enter Captcha to show Download links

If you got problem while loading social form, just make some changes to your network DNS. Change your DNS to Google DNS & then everything should be fine. [If you dont know, follow this instruction.
HenArchive Guide to Google DNS 01 HenArchive Guide to Google DNS 02 HenArchive Guide to Google DNS 03 HenArchive Guide to Google DNS 04


  1. LeeJay says

    The like system is just soo bad that i cant even open some of the download contents because of this. Could you stop this feature? If you still insist in this method, im pretty sure you will just drive off HA members some place else…

    • says

      You can use any social account, not the main account of you. And change your DNS to Google DNS [] & [] then everything will be loaded properly. I dont know how to explain for you and other (who have the same question like yours) but this method must on HA or you will get nothing more than tons of dead links.

  2. Unknown says

    Since the like system i didnt do 1 download form HA. Nobody is going to use their real Facebook where all they friends can see that you just liked a hentai porn site. And whats the point of liking with a fake Facebook account where you have 0 friends?

    The system is destroying the site and is 100 % losing you people.

    well there are other sites i guess…

    • says

      “Like” is not the main purpose of this kind of method. And we do not plan to reduce amount of visitors. The only thing we aim is REAL DOWNLOADERS – who want to download and really really want alive download links. You can check youself. “Like” articles always have alive links!

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